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gramP●lease scan the● QR Code t■o follow us on We〓chatHuawei○ 5G base sta■tion can legally● be placed ■in EU market■: German certificati●on bodyHuawei 5G ○base stati◆on can legally● be placed in E◆U market: German c●ertification● bodyHuawei 5G base ■station can lega●lly be placed in ◆

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EU market: ●German certific●ation body04-19-20■18 17:32 BJTBERLIN,■ April 18 (Xinhua)● -- Huawei's 5G b


ase◆ station can l●egally be place○d on the European U○nion (EU) market 〓with the certi■ficate it gained, G■erman certifica●tion body 〓TUV SUD said on Wed●nesday."Th〓e certifica●te is called〓 a Type Exami●nation Cer○tificate and it is i〓ssued accordin■g to 2014/53/EU 〓(RED - Rad〓io Eq

uipment ◆Directive)," TUV

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S●UD's spokesperson S●abine Hoffmann told ●Xinhua.TUV SUD is a● well-known tes〓ting, inspection■ and certifi〓cation compan■y

with more than ●150 years of herit■age and strong part〓icipation i●n the digital era.Th○e certification bo〓dy on Tues〓day issued an EU-◆mandatory certifi■cate to Hu〓awei, saying th●at Huawei's 5G New ●Radio products● had passed its ver○ification require●ments following 〓multiple roun●ds of testing an●d evaluation.It mad●e Huawei the first c●ompany to receiv■e a CE type exa◆mination certifi○cate for its 5G pro■ducts, paving the w○ay for its comme〓rcial use and ●sale withi●n the EU.Hoffmann 〓said that ◆the whole process ●took around ■two months, includin◆g testing and certi●ficat

ion."Hua●wei Technology i

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